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Long absence – no excuses!

I’ve been long absent from my blog – no excuses.  I noticed that my last blog post was saying how I had not posted in a while!  Well, things obviously didn’t change.


Over recent weeks I have spent more time painting (minus a two week break during the Olympics!) and I thought I would share here some of what I have been up to.  I was really lucky to go home for four months over spring and early summer and while I was there I painted a picture for my new great-nephew’s nursery.  I wanted to do something that was personal to the family and came up with a triptych that combined areas of their lives.


I really enjoyed working in this illustrative style and have gone on to do four further works that have come as a result of this piece, and can see more coming!  These four are available for purchase from my website.

Moongazing – acrylic on paper


Moonflight – acrylic on paper


Moondance – acrylic on paper


Moonglide – acrylic on paper
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  • Let me be the first to comment. It’s so good to see you inspired again and you know how much I love this new series. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • Thank you, Billie! I was sure my blog had probably disappeared of everyone’s feed by now! I am loving doing these, they are such a change from the ‘serious’ work!